Monday, August 29, 2011

How to find if office 2010 / 2007 is 64 or 32bit

When writing scripts sometimes we may need to identify the installed MS office version. Since the program and features in control panel doesn’t show the installed version (32/64bit) of MS office 2010 / 2007 we need to use registry to identify the bit version of MS Office 2010 / 2007. Here I show you how you can check this using registry editor…

In registry there's the product code GUID for installed MS Office

On 32bit OS


If you installed 32bit MS Office on 64bit OS you have to check the following registry key


 [*] “Office\14.0\” indicates the installed edition is 2010

On both keys the last portion indicated the GUID of installed version of MS Office

    In the GUID the first digit of the forth portion will indicate whether the installed MS Office version is 32 / 64bit (marked as “P”)

    If it is a 32bit version P = 0
    If it is a 64bit version P = 1


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